Personalise Your Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a lovely way to include other family members or friends in your ceremony.

We start with different pots of coloured sand- all individual and different. It can be sand we chose to coordinate with your wedding colours or sand that has been collected from locations that are special to you. 

Different people come up and pour their coloured sand into a large jar, creating a layer.  Some people are careful and precise, others throw their sand in – the layers and the method they are added showing their personalities too.

The two of you add your layers in the middle.  Your layers would be surrounded by those of your family and friends, with further layers added on top until the jar is full.  We can include as many or few people as you want.  Your layers are in the middle to represent the love those you love surround you with.


What we create is  a beautiful, unique sand sculpture – that will always be a memento of  your special day. All of the grains of sand are still there, individual and perfect in their own right – but can no longer be separated.  Just as with your union, together you are stronger and more beautiful today.

It is a lovely ceremony to involve your guests, that people are fascinated to watch and that can be tailored to suit your story!

Hand tying is a ceremony that is an old celtic tradition and can be credited to the saying “tying the knot”

It is a  lovely and visual ceremony  – using different coloured ribbons that can be added by different people to include as many, or as few as you wish.

It is nice to include in the ceremony after you have exchanged rings .  I ask you to join your left hands with your rings touching and the ribbons are placed over your hands – I then loosely create an infinity knot on the top of your hands.

As we add the ribbons we can talk about your past – the two of you before you met, the present – surrounded by your closest family and friends – and the future – your life going forwards together.

I then help you to slip your hands from the ribbons and you take one end each and pull together to form the infinity knot – thus “tying the knot”!

A candle unity ceremony can be performed with just the two of you or incorporating members of your friends and family too if you wish.

We will start by lighting tall dinner style candles – either me, you or family/friends will light yours for you.

Eventually the two of you will light one larger candle with your separate candles.

As you join your two flames the light shines brighter, a visual representation of how you are stronger and brighter now that you are united.

Dogs are important members of the family and I always love it if your dog wants to be part of your big day.

You could have a best dog,  a pooch of honour or a  doggy ring bearer – whatever you would like we can make it happen if your venue agrees.  

I even love it when your four legged friend wants to make their mark on your commemorative certificate too!

There really are no rules, we can tailor your ceremony to exactly what suits you and your lifestyle!

At every wedding I like to try and get a selfie with my couples!  Make sure that we get ours!

I also take some pictures at the ceremony – maybe while you are walking up the aisle or signing a certificate or a family member or friend is doing a reading. I also like to try and get a few confetti shots too!  I have a unique view of things from the front looking out at all your guests  and I often take pictures that I share with you after the day!