A wedding is a time to celebrate love with loved ones.

The law in the UK states that you need to be legally married by a registrar or religious minister.  Once this formality has been done you can then have the wedding you want , exactly where you want, the way you want it with as much or as little pomp and ceremony as you wish.

As a celebrant I can help you realise your dreams and write the ceremony to reflect your relationship using wording and music of your choosing, incorporating mini ceremonies if you wish and making it a celebration of your union. Click here to find out more. 

When I was married 28 years ago this type of ceremony was not available.  I met my husband when we were both 16 at school and we married just after our 20th birthdays in a small ceremony at our local register office.  I would have loved to have our celebration at a unique, quirky property – telling our love story, listening to music of our choosing and in a service that reflected our personalities.

I am so happy that things have now changed and I can offer to create a ceremony for all couples that celebrates their love, likes and passions, including their friends, family, children and pets  – or even just the two of them – and can be held in any location such as a stately home, hotel, beach, forest or even the back garden.

At the present time a celebrant led ceremony is not legally binding and preferably before your wedding ceremony with me you need to have your union legalised by a religious minister in a church or by  a registrar in an approved marriage venue or registry office

It is often cheaper to register your marriage at a registry office on a weekday rather than at a weekend.  Many people choose to do the legal paperwork in more casual clothes and save the fancy outfits for their special celebration in front of their family and friends.

Saying your personal vows and exchanging rings can be saved until the day of your celebrant-led ceremony and you can just choose to say the legal parts when with the registrar or minister.

By choosing a celebrant you are allowing your ceremony to be more personalised and unique to you.  It also means it can take place in a venue that isn’t registered to hold marriages or at a time that registrars don’t work – such as in the evenings.  It gives you more choice and flexibility and lets you dare to be different.

The most meaningful part of a wedding is standing in front of your loved ones and declaring your love for each other and your intention to be partners for life. 

There are no limits to a celebrant led ceremony – let your imaginations run wild!

I will find out as much information from you as I can and we can meet in person wherever possible to get to know each other and make plans, share ideas and laughter and I can then go away and start to write your ceremony.  You will be involved along the way as we write your vows and all the arrangements and you will have the opportunity to approve everything at each stage.

As my wedding gift to you, I hand paint a memory box for you.

I use the information that I gather during the planning of your ceremony to personalise your box and make it unique to you.

You receive your box on your wedding day with a presentation copy of your ceremony inside to start off the keepsakes from your special day.

Affirmation of Vows

There are many reasons you may wish to renew or reaffirm your vows.  It could be a milestone anniversary, after a period of illness or difficulties or like me you want to have the ceremony you didn’t have the first time round.  Whatever you want I can help you create the ceremony of your dreams!